​​Meet the team

Callum Shaw - Callum leads our fantastic team of researchers, which is composed of his friends, family and colleagues. Callum, a recently retired school teacher, is a passionate folk music lover and when he's not at concerts, he loves spending time with his two children and five grandchildren. If you have any charities you would like to recommend please contact Callum at callum@armtrust.net 

Andrew Martin - Andrew is the sole donor behind the ARM Trust and over the years has donated hundreds of thousands to worthy causes. Aside from philanthropy, his main interest is sport, noticeably badminton and snooker where he follows his favorite player, Judd Trump. 

As an example, here are some charities we have supported recently: 

HBBS - http://www.hbbscounselling.org/

Survivors Manchester - http://www.survivorsmanchester.org.uk/

​Knowsley Foodbank - http://knowsley.foodbank.org.uk/

If you are interested in receiving a grant from ARM Trust, then click on the link below to discover more about grants.

Are you interested in applying for a grant?

          We are a small, family backed organisation. Our aim is to help the community to help itself, we do this by providing small grants, between £500 and £10,000, to charities anywhere in the UK, typically with an annual income of under £3000,000. 

          Unlike many other trusts, we actively research and try to find even more charities doing great work, particularly in deprived areas and then encourage them to apply for grants. Another of our favorite methods to find more charities is to ask charities that we support for recommendations.  We then contact and invite the recommended charity to apply. 

         Our research usually discovers either charities who are in deprived areas, those who may be viewed s unfashionable or those who support people who might be viewed as unworthy for help.

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